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Camps & Classes

TC Braiding Camp offers an intimate environment for all ages to learn the skill of braiding and how to properly care for natural hair.

Our camps and classes are designed to give you hands on-training, designed with all the fundamentals needed to get you started. We introduce the technical and creative skills for braiding, styling, and grooming natural!


You will Learn:

• Intro to Natural Hair Care

• Intro to Individuals/Twists Singles

• Intro to Cornrows, Ghana & Feed-in Cornrows

• Holistic Health

• Product Knowledge

• History of Braiding

• Love of Self (Texture Acceptance)



Single Day Class & 2 Day Camps available


Mommy/Baba & Me, limited space classes for parent and child styling workshops

Young Queens

Single Day Classes & 5 Day Camps available.

Professional Stylist

Advanced Braiding and Styling Camps available.

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